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Wilma's Wow Wedding!

Finally, finally Wilma’s dream wedding finally came to pass, after a long long wait. Let me take you back to when we (Faith & I) met Wilma. For long we had been planning to meet with Wilma, but every time there was traffic, missed appointments but finally we did meet, and Wilma had us in her house some late evening. And we shared and discussed about her coming wedding, she had everything planned so meticously and in such fine detail. Since Faith and I are also in the ‘running’ 🙂 to be married, Wilma had a lot to say to us and so much advice and she even referred to us one of the books I would recommend to any bride-to-be i.e. Samantha Bridal Bride’s Companion that retails for Kshs 1,495. And Wilma had written all over it all the details of her wedding and she talked with such anticipation and zeal that she so much inspired Faith & I and well, enough of the background detail…here are the wonderful images from her wedding…

Her joy captured through the mirror!

Her various emotions were quite amusing to capture through the lens

I loved this image as I got her reflection as she adorned her bridal pins, for me weddings are about moments and immortalizing all the details that made the day glorious…

The wonderful and beautiful Rock City gardens along Kiambu road and the weather was so beautiful and perfect, effective fervent prayer went into this day

Yes, yes and the K.I.S.S that sealed the deal 🙂

And yes, I had to capture the Mercs in the post too, Well a wonderful investment went into ensuring that the convoy was purely of one brand of car, the Mercedes Benz 🙂

Here are some images from the photo session…

Goldi & Wilma with their beautiful daughter, such an awesome moment

I loved this picture series of the 2 images, being together as one taking the challenges of life together, forsaking all and clinging to each other *mushy moment*

Wilma shows them how to get down this side of the marriage institution 🙂

Yep, and she got the bridal flower, should be shooting her wedding real soon then 🙂

And my best image of the day, Goldi kissing his daughter, well wish them the best, the couple flew out to Finland to begin their life there together :

Gen 2:18  The LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone’