Wedding Photography Course


This course will walk you through everything you need to know – finding and signing clients, planning for the big day, and shooting and editing high-quality photographs. You will learn the nuances of light, composition, exposure and posing as you develop your own visual style.

Throughout the course, you will complete a series of photo projects that will be reviewed and evaluated by your teacher, a professional photographer there to help you improve. By the time you finish your program, you will have a portfolio of high-quality photos as well as the skills and confidence necessary to succeed as a professional wedding photographer.

What You’ll Learn

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Shoot weddings like a professional photographer.
  • Outline how to find and sign clients and plan for the wedding day.
  • Explain the nuances of light, composition, exposure, and posing.
  • Develop and define his or her own visual style.
  • Describe how to work with wedding vendors, planners and videographers.
  • Discuss how to create his or her own business including branding, marketing techniques, and workflow.
  • Use editing techniques to create high quality final products.
  • Apply skills to earn a living as a professional wedding photographer

What you get

  • A professional photographer as your mentor— there to help you improve, provide technical support, and review your photos as you move through the course
  • Access to our student forum— an online community to discuss courses, get answers to your questions, and share your photos
  • Class Materials – All class materials and other relevant documentation covered throughout the class will be available for download
  • Certificate in Wedding Photography— delivered upon graduation

Course Outline

Unit 1: Getting to Know Wedding Photography

  • Lesson 1.1 Basics of Photography
  • Lesson 1.2 Building your Wedding Portfolio
  • Lesson 1.3 Working with a Team
  • Lesson 1.4 What’s New

Unit 2: Wedding Photography Principles

  • Lesson 2.1 3 Light, is everything
  • Lesson 2.2 Location, Location, Location
  • Lesson 2.3 Posing Essentials
  • Lesson 2.4 Gear

Unit 3 The Wedding Day

  • Lesson 3.1 Getting Ready
  • Lesson 3.2 Ceremony
  • Lesson 3.3 Photo-session
  • Lesson 3.4 Reception

Unit 4 Wedding Business

  • Lesson 4.1 Building your Brand
  • Lesson 4.2 Marketing & Social Media
  • Lesson 4.3 How to Price
  • Lesson 4.4 Getting Clients

Course Details

  • Duration : Course Duration is 4 weeks. 1 class per week
  • Time: Day time Class. Tuesdays (12-2pm) or Evening Tuesdays (5:30pm-7:30pm)
  • Location: In Nairobi to depend on the particular class
  • Next intake is February 2020 though there will be an intake every month

Cost – KES 40,000


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