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Wedding at The Sarova Stanley :: Damaris & Maurice

I shot this wonderful union of love all by myself (Faith was having some exams at campus then, so she couldn’t come to join in the fun :-(). It was such a joyous celebration of love. The wedding was at one of my most wonderful locations in the CBD, The Sarova Stanley, which never dissapoints as a wedding location. With a guest list of about 105 people Damaris & Maurice had their dream afternoon wedding, running from around 3pm-9pm.

I thank God that many more Kenyans are beginning to embrace the culture of having hotel weddings. This is where the bridal make-up, church service, portrait session and reception all happen in the same location. This is a wonderful idea as it ensures that minimal time is wasted and gives me ample time to shoot and be creative. The Stanley, offers such wide and diverse shooting locations that I was literally spoilt for choice. We had a small but wonderful bridal team too…and the wedding was a blast…some of my favourites…

The Bridal bouquet, simple and exquisite, I love when the bride remains with her bouquet as she does her make-up (as opposed to it being dropped by the best man), gives me time to be creative 🙂

Yeah Damaris does know how to get her foot wear right for her big day, some funky heels

Looks like that eye-shadow didn’t go down very well with the bride’s desires 🙂 Damaris has a moment right there! Usually the morning times for me are the most fun. As I get to watch 1st hand of all the drama & chaos that unfolds before the bride leaves her home looking all angelic…

French manicure *Check, I love getting me some detail too

Damaris getting some colour on her lips

The bride all pretty and made up…looking the part!

The veil being set in place

Loved this shot! the bride wearing her body spray *You also have to not only look the part, but also smell the part 🙂

Damaris, as she awaits to leave the hotel room for the church service

An heartfelt moment as Maurice serenades his beautiful bride.

Joint lighting of the unity candle; wonderful display of how two different people have to live as one henceforth

An LOL moment during the vows

After the service we had some fun times doing the portraits

The entire bridal team

Some dessert for us 🙂

REPLAY :: Due to public demand…look at the reaction from the background…PRICELESS

And a final shot from the lovely newly weds….

Wish them a happy and a great great life ahead,

Thanks for dropping by…As always…Making JESUS proud!