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Testing My New 5D MkII

Well, at long last I decided to firmly make the big switch from NIKON to CANON…well most NIKONites would kill me for having made the big switch, but well life is about change. For about a year now I have been faithfully using my trusted Nikon D5000 that even though rated as an ‘Entry level camera’ served me faithfully and it has really been a close friend of mine for the past year…. adiós wonderful friend.

Now I drift to a new world the Canon world. I settled for the Canon EOS 5D Mark II since it is one of the highest rated full HD video shooters you can read Gizmodo’s review on the same. I want to start honing my video shooting skills and hopefully at some point in time venture in short films and videos that seem to be the latest craze in the industry. Being relatively new to Canon shooting I decided to put the full frame machine to test in a shoot we were having at Nairobi Arboretum with the just concluded Female Artist of the Year in the Groove Awards, Alice Kamande for the second issue of the YU magazine published by Dance outfit Saintz.

True to its word, the machine lived up to its rating, now to practice, practice and more practice.

Incredibly talented Alice Kamande, with the impeding falling skies, she was still able to light up the shoot

Part of the incredible team that makes up the Saintz, Kate, Dee & Hope, did the classic shallow DOF pose 🙂

I had to get the big man of the Saintz, Jack in for the shoot, despite his camera shyness and camera -off approach style of management, deadly one Jack!

Arboretum is definetely famed for it’s scrumptious maize and after all the maize we had there, we surely had to have some up for evidence, that we came, we saw and our teeth conquered!

Am a big big fan of shooting nature given the chance, and what better place to find nature in its true sense than in the park? After a few mis-trials trying to capture the blade of grass I settled on manual focus and wolla we nailed it, full frame all the way!

My strobe tripod could not escape my shooting rage and the DOF was amazing, was using the 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens and the bokeh on close up is out of this world

Got the cam on the ground for this capture and the redding soil gave this image ART!