Sophie & Charles :: A Travel Themed Wedding


Charles:” Thirty something years ago…”

Sophie: “LOL were you gonna say ” a star was born”…..Hold your thoughts there!…People don’t need that much of a recap. Fast forward to the year 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada.”

Sophie: “Life is what happens when you are busy planning other things. And that is exactly how it happened. I was on a contract assignment in Las Vegas, NV. Some friends were in town for the annual rugby tournament so I planned on an impromptu ‘just because’ get together at my house. As I understood, Charles’ friend convinced him to come by and told him they were going to visit a friend who worked with the Air Force (hold on to that line..I’m going somewhere with it). 

Charles introduced himself and told me that he was serving in the Navy, and that kicked off an entire initial conversation about the military :). We talked for a long while about our assignments then later that same night, we happened to exchange Facebook contacts. Even though I noticed how handsome he was, the instant connection and how this initial conversation was….ohh so effortless, I did not pay much attention owing to some other distraction in my life at that point in time. “

Charles:”I remember how I was immediately taken by her, not only by her stunning natural beauty, but by the warmth of her smile, bubbly personality, poise, presence, and how much of a great host she was. She attended to about a hundred guests and somehow made each one feel like they were the only ones there.”

Ceremony :: Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club

Reception :: Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club

Photo-session :: Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club

Bridal Gown :: Rosa Clara

Bridal Shoes :: Badgley Mischka 

Wedding Co-ordinator :: Juliet Opondo

Bridal Jewelry :: Nadri 

Groom’s Outfit :: Men’s Wearhouse

Maids’ Outfits :: Allure Bridals

Make Up Artist :: Phoina’s Beauty Clinic

Hair :: Kim the Hair Guru

Cake :: Phyllis Magero

Catering :: Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club

Decor ::  AURA

Entertainment/DJ ::  DiscMen Entertainment

Cinematography :: Jazanda Wedding Films

MC :: Peter Gitau


Bridal prep

The day started off a bit gloomy, seeing as it was raining and this got everybody a bit worried. But the ladies went on with their preparation with confidence that all would go well. (When a woman prays yawa!)


The hair and makeup team did a marvelous job for the bride and her girls. They looked flawless and graceful all at the same time, as they chilled in their very cool robes. Happiness and excitement filled the room when a gift  from Sophie’s sweetheart arrived. One could tell from the look in her eyes that it was a very sentimental and precious gift.  

I salute you Charles, when tears are involved, you know you got it right!

This is what a squad looks like. (pressure for everyone) hehehe

The Dress

Sophie’s vision for the dress was to have 2 different looks; a conservative look for the ceremony and one that would allow her to dance away at the reception without any restrictions. Nevertheless, she still wanted the convenience of a quick change so she opted to have two different toppers and other little details like removable belts and minimal alterations to the one dress to accommodate the two toppers.  Then the shoes……I don’t know much about ladies shoes but I think these ones were perfect. #Uliza_kiatu!

The unexpected

The most beautiful bride of the day looked angelic in her gown. One could not tell that it had brought drama the previous night.. Let me fill you in. The fabric steamer malfunctioned the night before the wedding. They realized at about 7 pm that the dress needed a steam touch up and even though they had actually planned for this, the steamer  just didn’t work. Thank God for bridesmaids who joked away (to keep Sophie calm) while brainstorming on a solution.They called the hotel venue and the  hotel manager courteously agreed to have the dress steamed as soon as the laundry department staff arrived the next morning. Phew! Again, when women pray!

The lovely bride was finally ready to leave the ‘single ladies team’ and was on her way to say I do.

Groom prep

The groom and his team were getting ready at Windsor Hotel. They were very calm but precise and on time. Charles was very excited and a bit nervous about the day and Sophie had anticipated this so she got him a care package. (This is where you go aaawww) The package was full of snacks , sweets , socks in case he got cold feet and a heartfelt card that left Charles swoon. He was now ready for the ceremony.

A beautiful thank you note to the bridal party was in order.

The ceremony decor was marvelous. It was all white with a hint of baby pink and lavender. And prayers were answered seeing as it did not rain through out the weddimg.

The bridal party walked down in a  flamboyant yet regal manner. All eyes were on them

The aisle was finally open for Sophie to walk down. With all guests standing in awe, and her parents by her side, she gracefully sashayed to the alter.

Most memorable moments

Groom: “When my bride walked down the aisle. It’s hard to  articulate what that moment of overwhelming emotion really felt like. I was so anxious to see her, I wondered if anyone could see the balls of sweat forming on my forehead. She is always beautiful, but when I finally saw her walking towards me, adorned in white with a matching smile, she was breathtaking. It took forever for her to get to me. The laws of time and physics don’t work the same on your wedding day!”

Bride: “We wrote our own vows and I was really anxious to hear what he had come up with. While I took a long while to get mine completed, he had finished working on his vows months before. At times I wondered if he had only drafted a couple of lines :).  The one thing we promised each other is that we would  look straight into each other’s eyes  so during those few minutes, there could be no distraction or doubt about what we did or said. If the eyes are the window to the soul, we inadvertently let our souls meet to make those vows. His vows still make my heart skip a beat. Powerful! Of course there were so many memorable moments but when you put things into perspective, that mattered the most to me. “

The Pastor led the couple through their vows  and exchange of rings in a serene and funny way which  helped the couple keep their nervousness at bay.

After exchanging their rings, the couple had a beautiful blending of the sands ceremony. This is the pouring of two different colored sands together to symbolize the joining of the bride and groom or the joining of their families. It conveys a powerful message seeing once mixed, the sand cannot be separated.

And with an anticipated lip lock, the deal was sealed!

Jubilation and ululation engulfed the grounds as the couple danced out as the newest and hottest couple in town.

The guest helped themselves to some thirst quenching drinks as the bridal party momentarily moved to a different location for a photoshoot.

Our photoshoot was brief but successful .  The entire team was very cooperative and they helped me get amazing shots.

Cheers to a good marriage.

Sophie’s veil was heavenly. The way it cascaded down to the was very retro and elegant

Hip hip hurrah to the guy who got hitched!

The boys had to see that shot to make sure that they looked like the carried Charles effortlessly. (p.s they really struggled heheh)

What a lovely group of people!Sophie adjusted her dress to her second look and it worked out flawlessly. It was elegant and breathtaking. I did a few more pictures of the couple before heading back to the gymnastics section (that’s code for the reception)

The reception decor was amazing. The style was a Travel theme with a pop of lavender. Each table was named after a city the couple had  visited.

Mint to be 🙂

The Reception

This is where calories were dropped. Traditional songs were sang as Charles and Sophie were welcomed to the reception ceremoniously. The MC made all guests dance so much, one would have thought that he was a P.E teacher. Weird dances were formed by those with two left feet and serious moves were showcased by those with rhythm. The best part is that every single person was happy and having fun as was the mandate.

After the trips and the twirls, speeches were made and gifts were presented to the couple by both families.

Finally it was sweet tooth time! The happy couple cut and ate the cake symbolizing their first meal together. Champagne was popped and a heartfelt toast was made by the the best man.. To wrap up the entire event, the couple gave a thanks giving speech then took photos with friends and family.

 Here is a trailer of the wedding by courtesy of Jazanda.

We had another small shoot after the reception and I loved shooting every moment of it. They didn’t need to fake smiles, they were genuine throughout! Love clearly lives here.

Thank you very much Sophie and Charles for allowing me to capture your big day. It was a true honor. May God be a pillar in your marriage and may He continue to Bless you and keep you.

     ~To God Be All Glory~