Noel & Stella’s Story: God’s Timing Is Best

Adele – When We Were Young

We actually met for the first time at the end of 2012 – we ended up being work colleagues and it stayed at that for a while. We weren’t on each other’s radar at all as we were either seeing other people or unavailable.

It wasn’t until 2015 that we grew closer and ‘saw’ each other. We spent time together, traveled and bonded. We began dating in November 2015.

We got engaged on Stella’s birthday, Feb 13th,2018.

The cool thing with having the wedding in the month of November 2018 wasn’t just that it marked 3 years since we began dating, but that it also marked a new journey- the start of a life together. God’s timing is best.

Ceremony + Reception: The Legend,Karen.

Photo Session: St.Francis Church,Karen

Bridal gown: Bibi Harusi

Bridal shoes: Backyard Shoes

Wedding co-ordinator: Diana Ndirangu

Grooms outfit: Sao Satorial

Maids outfit: Caleb

Make Up Artist: Njanja

Hair: Hadassah (+254 713 434747)

Cake: Ginah Bakes

Catering: Springs of Olives Caterers (0721706997/0733782701)

Decor: Qui Occasions

Entertainment/DJ: Johni Celeb

MC: Andy Mburu

Stella’s stellar dress hanging in all its gorgeous glory

The girl’s details for the day. Clearly we share a mutual love for all things bright & beautiful

Njanja works her magic on our beautiful bride of the day, Stella

Stella & her bevy of bridal beauties. Lit up like the noon-day sun

On the other side of town, our dashing groom was just about to get his groove on!

Rigga getting Noel all suited up for his big day

We need more tanned suits in our groom’s couture. Black & Navy blue have literally worn themselves out 🙂

Fine looking brother…very easy on the lens. We need more grooms where Noel came from 🙂

Back at the bride’s getting ready, Stella was breath-taking in her wedding gown…truly a sight to behold

Now you know where Stella get’s all her groove from…her very youthful looking & absolutely fun parents

I absolutely enjoyed shooting Stella, such a wonderful subject to shoot & direct

Two beautiful sisters, with Michelle, her only sister

Very emotional moments when Stella was finally handed over to her mum-in-love

Time to head to the ceremony, to the waiting arms of the man she has been waiting for her entire life

The blazing sun was so hot, nevertheless, there was nothing to stop this lavish display of love from going on

The girls tear up as Stella walks down the grassy aisle, truly a sight to behold

The moment Noel spotted his bride…it was a long drawn..mmmmhhhhhhmmmm under his breath 🙂

Alice Kimanzi and the band got us grooving, the mid day heat could not hold us back

We had an amazing time…threw the place down if you would ask me…also, I would expect nothing less seeing that both Noel & Stella are professional singers

That oh- so glorious moment when she says ‘I Do’

And with these shiny rings, they did wed 🙂

When the KISS is so lit that it needs a cheering squad

We had a powerful move of God during the prayers and dedication

Finally signed into law, now legally husband & wife

So many beautiful moments between these two newly weds

Home is definitely where your heart resides

The guys Vs the girls…loud on the outside vs loud on the inside 🙂

This is how champions exit, dancing their way to their ‘Happy Ever After’

We headed nearby to St. Francis Karen for the shoot…it was an interesting challenge all together, but I loved it. Anything but the normal boring grassy fields for a photo session

The guys looking great in their suits, I see they had been perusing those GQ magazines

The girls were taking no chances seeing how the guys had killed it in their shoot

It should be outlawed for two people to be this good looking…they took all the looks and left the remaining ones for everyone else to share 🙂

We shot inside the old church…I could shoot here all day…such a picturesque location

The girls too, brought on the HEAT! no taking chances whatsoever

Beautiful people everywhere!!!

Noel & his dashing band of brothers

They definitely take the award for world’s cutest siblings

Time to rush back to the reception, before the folks think they have absconded in favour of the honeymoon 🙂

Both mums got to join in all the joy & merry making

It was a throw down between the guys & the girls. Your guess is as good as mine as who stole the day 🙂

This was too much fun! If only we had a rewind button to life

Noel got to perform for his new bride and also tack-teamed with Rigga for a captivating ballad

Next on the menu was this scrumptious cake that we had the privilege to devour. Was like a sweet melody to our taste buds

Cheiii, I just love this image!!!

Stella taking no chances, a brother got to put on some weight!!! #Marriagechronicles 🙂

Some of the beautiful, happy people who graced the wedding

Stella & her team of bridesmaids glowing in the sun set

1st time a dude beat the girls for the bouquet!!! Was definitely my highlight of the day 🙂

And the curtain fell to a beautiful love story. Definitely Noel & Stella’s wedding was one I will be remembering for a long time to come. God speed in your life ahead…keep keeping Jesus #1 in your lives as you always have….

Loads of Love & Blessings

The Kiruthis