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Museums Showing:

Some few days ago I was privileged to be part of a project for the National Museums by taking some of the images that would be used for a local country wide showing. The model of the evening was Prudence Kibaya whom most of you can remember from TPF4. It was on a late evening around Valley Arcade and we had most of the shoot done outdoors with a single strobe to the setting sun.

The theme was African and funny as it may seem the multi-talented/faceted Paleki doubled up as the shoot director and Makeup artist

Some of the images from the shoot :::

Behind The Scenes::

One of the captures I stole away…inspite of the MUA protests 🙂

Your contributions and comments make a fun & educative read…

One of Prudence’s videos that I love so much…though it was shot way before she entered the TPF house