Linet & Kindele : A Wedding In Zambia

Really excited to be back to blogging, God has been good and gracious to us. We have been busy raising our two little angels, we did not know that this parenting thing could be a full time gig. We thank God though, in all situations for the gift and favour of family, to our good Lord be all the glory.

1st up is one of the weddings we really enjoyed to be part of. Linet & Kindele flew us to Lusaka for their amazing white wedding. It was our 1st time in Lusaka and we really had a blast. Thank you Linet & Kindele for being such gracious hosts and making us feel part of you guys. You went out of your way for us & we are thankful to God for clients who now have become our good friends. Zambians are so amazing we had such a wonderful time and cannot wait to be back, this time we promise we will stay longer.

I asked Kindele how he met his queen Linet, and this is what he had to say.

‘I was at this point in my life where I had made a deal with God that the next relationship I get into should be the last and He would be my wingman and He sure did come through.

The day is April 2nd, 2016, am out hosting two visiting Kenyan consultants from our office oblivious of how my life was about to change. On the table across was a group of girls but there was this particular one in the clique, beautiful, well composed and guess what, drinking orange juice!!!That was my signal from above😂

I think I stared at her throughout dinner and when I saw her leaving I quickly decided to make my move without thinking through it. I don’t remember what I said to her but in that beautiful Kenyan accent she softly lectured me back not to be talking to strangers as some could harvest my kidneys 😂 Ha!!!!

I had to move in quick to save face so I mentioned that my friends were Kenyan and bam !!!she became friendly -with them 😂.A lot of Swahili later and I thought I was done for but God wasn’t because what are the odds that all our phones were flat out at that moment ?and I was the only one with a business card. That must have been the longest any human has ever waited for a call….3 weeks !!!

To cut the story short, I became the unofficial tour guide for the 3 (only way to get her in the mix) and thus got to make many better impressions but it’s also during this time that I realised that I was looking at the best human being on the planet and I can bet that there is none kinder more selfless. Like for real….my wife is a gem.

So, by the time the visitors left I had earned my stripes, won her trust and the most beautiful love story between two people ensued …and this one will be written for life.

Need I mentioned I had to make several trips with a lot of cows all the way to Kenya to seal the deal? Heheee!!

Thanks and Be blessed.’


Photo-session :: Twangale Park Lusaka
Bridal Gown :: Exquisite Brides
Bridal Shoes :: Mud Boutique 
Wedding Co-ordinator :: The bride****
Bridal Jewellery :: Foschini
Groom’s Outfit :: Gentleman’s Closet 
Maids’ Outfits :: Afroelegance Bridal House
Make Up Artist :: Royalty Makeup & Hair
Entertainment/DJ :: Vernon Daka aka DJ VJEEZY
Linet & her maids gowns hang in all their glorious glory
Loved Kindele’s details, simple & uber classy
Our groom of the day Kindele getting ready for his big day
What happens in the man cave stays in the man cave 🙂
Kindele looks like he just dropped by from his GQ cover model shoot 🙂
Kindele & his band of brothers
When the videographer asked them to say something ‘nice’ about Kindele, it was all jokes & funny comments
The guys do clean up pretty good
Fred, Kindele’s brother also doubled up as his best man
The squad
On the other end, once the girls were ready we decided to take portraits of each them on the beautiful lawns of Twangale Park Lusaka
All these gorgeous buddies of Linet were her best friends from Kenya
And when we came back in doors the make-up artist was putting the final touches on our beautiful bride of the day, Linet
And then the girls came up to put final touches on Linet
How gorgeous is this image right here?
Finally it was time to go, time to get married, Kisses!!!
The wedding was taking place at the breath-taking Garden events with a view
The gorgeous view that met us of the lavish ceremony
Simple and very exquisite
Next up was the procession
Next up was the moment we (Especially Kindele :)) had been long waiting for
Girl, if your man don’t shed a tear for you on your wedding day, go back and walk the aisle again 🙂
Kindele was one happy man, to finally marry the queen of his heart
And with this ring, I thee wed
Those vows must have been pretty hilarious 🙂
And they knelt down for their blessing & dedication
The guys lift up their hands to bless the newly weds
Finally Kindele got to unveil his gorgeous wife
He liked what he saw, and he liked it so much that….
….he had to seal it with a KISS!
Finally signed into law, legally husband & wife!!!
Yassssss!!! that sweet-yummy feeling when you are finally one!
And it finally hit home, after all the ups & down of planning the wedding, they were finally husband & wife!
After this all the guests had a chance to come and personally congratulate the newly weds
Finally, it was time for the recessional, and despite the scorching sun, Linet & Kindele partied away…
Doing the David dance!
And with the mid-day sun over us we took this yummy portraits in some shaded region of the garden…loved them
Check out my IG @benkiruthi of how we executed this two shot without a drone 🙂 Even Linet had her own part to play to make this image this gorge 🙂
This is where love lives!
Eish this is what we photographers call the money shot!!! What we are paid to do 🙂
You have not lived until someone looks at you this way!!
Kindele and his guys must have been practising for months to make posing look this easy!!! Gentlemen!!!
Looking at that bright future like…..
When its a Range Rover Autobiography, then it has to make it to the wedding album 🙂
When you are in this car, love just comes naturally 🙂
After this we had a 3 hour break as we took lunch and waited for the sun to dip before taking some more pictures. They normally have a break between the ceremony & dinner where the guests get a chance to freshen up and come dressed formally ready for their dinner
The light at 4pm was heavenly, and shooting Linet & Kindele was too easy, I could shoot these two all day any day
These two are made & meant for each other. Their two hearts beat as one!
I cannot remember what this game is called but we said whoever lost would wash the dishes for the rest of their marriage 🙂 Lets just say it was very competitive
Some happy moments after the game
Kindele is quite the gentleman
Kindele & the girls vs Linet and the girls. Wonder who rocked it better?
Hahahaha, the girls always win, any day
I just pointed my camera at them and said, Hands up 🙂
The girls rocking that fierce look
Linet and her girls are simply girl-squad-goals, cute but crazy 🙂
The guys are more serious, no jokes being a gentleman is no kids play 🙂
Well who cares!!! Girls just wanna have fun!!!!
An amazing bridal party, such wonderful friends and so much fun to shoot
The guys also brought their A-game, they did not come to the wedding to play
And the girls brought more colour and life to the wedding, so much fun
Since the royal wedding was around the corner then, we had to do a mock entry to the English chapel
This is what the soon to be princess would have looked like if she had bridesmaids 🙂
I should hire Kindele to give my future groomsmen some posing lessons!!! Fire man
And with this shot, we finally agreed it was time to head out to the reception, believe me it was nearing 7pm
The guys at Garden events with a view had done a spectacular job with decking out the reception for us
We had our own little Royal wedding down here in Lusaka 🙂
Yes indeed!!!
A little snippet of what those chafing dishes contained 🙂
And then the newly weds then made their grand entrance into reception amidst cheer & jubilation
These two despite looking this good, they can dance down a storm
They danced out and left to eat & change into their 2nd outfits
1st up was the guys and they came show casing their best moves
The guys really put up a show
And then the girls showed up and shut down the house
Kindele could not resist but to join them on the dance floor
And then everybody joined in the happy party
Happy times we all shared at the dance floor
Zambians do know how to party!
A King & his Queen 
L&K’s guests dressed up for the occasion
Finally it was time for us to slice & dig in to this delicious cake
Sharing their 1st meal as husband & wife
As a sign of respect, Kindele & Linet knelt down as they shared cake with their parents. How lovely is this!!
And the lucky girl was….
Three happy cheers for Bilhah, may that wedding get here already 🙂
And then before the party started the bridal party lined up for all the guests to come around giving them a congratulatory hug
And then they had their 1st dance
How wonderful this was
And in true kikuyu tradition, Linet had to demonstrate that she had been brought up well and was able to take care of her husband
And after this it was time to party, get down and have a good time
So many beautiful people everywhere
It was such a beautiful wedding, thank you so much Linet & Kindele for hosting us in Zambia. We do indeed wish you all the very best that life & love has to offer.
Blessings galore,
The Kiruthis.