If Love Had a Face | 'Would Be This…

So, now with a new camera (Canon 5D Mark II) on my laps, all I have to do now is practice and perfect my work on camera; well with this in my mind my favorite model would definitely come into play and as I keep mentioning that there is no one I enjoy shooting more than my fiancée Faith. And for both of us it has been a long and winding road together, for both of us as entrepreneurs in the photography industry. I  laud this amazing woman, who tags along in most of my client shoots, doing makeup and styling. Someone once told me that when you are in love then you must learn what the other loves to do and Faith has been excellent in learning our business and is the best business partner heaven would ever gift to me.

Here are some recent images I took of my lovely angel…Faith…weddings bells are definitely on the way 🙂