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Gospel Got Swagg!!

I managed to link up with one of gospel’s greatest hip hop talents, Holy Dave (HD) and I got down to doing some images for his artist profile. One thing I have always loved & admired in him is his ability to not only make gospel music the in thing but also to have an audience that cuts across ages, tribes & nationalities. He really brought the swagg back to gospel.

We did the shoot one late evening at the artiste’s home, with a setting sun and a single strobe with no stand having misplaced it during the course of the day.  I have become an easy favorite of artist pin ups & profiles. Pin-ups are mass-produced pictures which appeal as popular culture. Pin-ups are intended for informal display. Such photos often appear on calendars, posters which are meant to be pinned up anyway, sometimes the artistes can use such images for their CD/VCD album covers…

Artist ::: Dave Muthengi a.k.a HD

Shoot Location ::: Hurlingham

Grooming & Wardrobe ::: Model’s Own

Photography & Post-processing ::: Ben Kiruthi