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his I believe is one of the posts closest to my heart. This post celebrates one of the greatest miracles that has ever happened to me in my short life…my wonderful fiancée, Faith Natasha. I celebrate a woman who has stood by side from the very start, even before anyone ever knew me or celebrated me, she adored me.

Through the sunshine & rain, I never imagined how difficult it would be for you dating a photographer, thank you for bearing with me, my frequent & lengthy absences, annoyingly long & erratic working hours around skimpily clad women, and the list is endless…I appreciate this all.

This post is for you my soldier & best friend…thank you for everything, loving me, in-spite & despite of it all, you are a queen, nothing short of an angel fallen from above…

Model ::: Faith Natasha

Location ::: My Backyard

Time ::: 1800-1930 Hrs

Photography & Post ::: Ben Kiruthi

MUA ::: Model

Copyright © 2011

Full copy and reposting of Album strictly prohibited excluding the model they have my permission to copy the images.

© Ben Kiruthi Photography

© Ben Kiruthi Photography

© Ben Kiruthi Photography

© Ben Kiruthi Photography

© Ben Kiruthi Photography