Cheryl & Brian: A Childhood Love Story

Our story:

It’s hard to say when we first met: our families attend the same church and so we’ve both been around each other from childhood. Brian’s first memory of Cheryl is in 2002, while Cheryl’s first memory of Brian is later in 2005. 
But it all really started with a bonfire at the foot of Mount Longonot in late 2010. We sat and chatted through the night and this is really where sparks flew (pun intended). After that night under the starts we both knew that we wanted to be in each other’s lives forever.
We’ve had a long beautiful love story, having started dating as teenagers in 2011. Over the years we’ve grown individually and together, and we believe that our 18 year old version of ourselves would be very proud.
On July 9th 2017, at the foot of Mt. Kenya, Brian finally proposed. Cheryl said yes and the next chapter of our story began!
It’s been an interesting journey planning and preparing for this day, and we’re forever grateful to everyone who’s helped us get here in one way or another.

John Waller – The Marriage Prayer

Brian and the boys looking very relaxed in the morning of the wedding

Cheryl & her girls glowing and dazzling

Rain notwithstanding, we had made up our mind to dance in the rain if we had to 🙂

View from the top, the rain would not stop us, the team atAdrienne events came up with an amazing plan B

Brian & the gang stroll in looking the part absolutely

Tears flowed freely when Brian spotted his gorgeous wife to be

Gentlemen on fleek, the umbrellas were really spot on!

Fun and happy times as these two lovebirds exchanged vows

Sweet, tender moment when they finally signed their marriage certificate, now at last husband & wife

Justin & Johnie kept us laughing throughout the day, such hilarious MCs

Why fold your marriage certificate when a business folder would do the job?

That exciting moment when Bishop Oginde declared them as husband & wife

Despite the rainy start, this was the indeed the fairy tale we had all been waiting for

An absolutely fun bridal team this was, really good times we had

The girl’s outfit gelled really well together. A splash of some colour

Hahahaha this was too much fun 🙂

The guys too never came to play…suave & smooth was the name of the game!

These umbrellas are the stuff of a photographer’s dream 🙂

And with this mushy mushy pictures, it was time to head back to the reception for lunch and some getting down

The crowd was ready and waiting for us…

Both mums were here with the welcoming committee

Brian showing us what he is made out of 🙂

And they shared with us their very 1st meal, this scrumptious cake

Cheers to the newly weds!

A taste of the amazingly beautiful guests who graced their wedding

Some gorgeous last images from their final shoot

This is the lowest dip I have ever seen, without them falling over i.e. 🙂

The crazy humans that made up their bridal party 🙂

Favourite image of the day for me

“Unless your gown is this dirty, you have not enjoyed your wedding’ – Ben Kiruthi 🙂

Congratulations Brian & Cheryl, you two are truly #Couplegoals, we are glad to have shared in such an amazing love story. God bless you & keep you and may He always keep you this madly in love with each other

God Speed,

The Kiruthis