Ashish & Malvika’s Wedding


Ashish first caught a glimpse of Malvika at her residence in 2015 during the festival of Diwali.
Fortunately/Unfortunately Malvika offerred Ashish a cup of ice cold coffee which was decent but not to Ashish’s liking (Ashish prefers his with 3 tea spoons full).  Malvika, however, still believe she makes the best coffee!!
This gave Ashish an opprtunity to rant aboout Malvikas coffee though little did they know that this rant had ignited a spark between them. They talking on facebook and whatsapp occassionally as friends. Dating and Marriage was definitely not part of the agenda.

Little did we know that our parents in the background were on a full match making mode and one fine day Ashish’s dad walks up to Malavikas father and mentioned the following,
“We would like Malvika to be a part of the Chudasama Family, what are your thoughts on the same?” We guess, Ashsish was too scared to pop the question.

Nonetheless, the question set the wheels turning for their d-D-day and #ashgothismal on 09.02.2019.

Ceremony Engagement : Rosedale Gardens
Wedding : Florienta Gardens
Reception : Ng’ong racecoourse Waterfront
Photo Session Photography by Ben & Gathoni Kiruthi
Reception Photoshoot at King’s Post, Rhapta Road, Westlands
Bridal Gown Engagement Gown: Asopalav Ahmedabad

Wedding Gown: Chamee&Palak, Bombay- India +919930782891

Reception Gown: Akanksha Gajria Label.
Wedding Garlands Nirali Patel +254735742111
Engagement Rings Galaxy Jewellers, Diamond Plaza
Contact: Priyesh +254732781611
Bridal Henna Sejal Sumaria +254771561506
Groom’s Outfit Engagement: Jinam, India

Wedding Sherwani: Darshi Sahah Bhavin Trivedi

Reception Gown: Kora By Nilesh Mitesh, India.
Brides & Grooms Mother’s Outfit( wedding day) Saris by Ayush Kejriwal
Whatsapp: 00447840384707
Make Up & Hair Artist Makeup By Harveen
Tel: +254 724 809207
Décor Décor Palace
Tel: +254 724787801
Entertainment DJ Raahi
MC The Loud & Proud Chandni (Pinky) Verma
Tel: +254790489582

Hope you enjoyed this long beautiful post. Congratulations Ashish & Malvika to more love & happiness!!

God bless,

The Kiruthis