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An Indoor Wedding | Doris & Peter Wed!

Bless the Lord dear Bloggers, it’s been a long while indeed huh? Well a whole lot has been happening in the past month or so. For starters, (Drumroll…) I was elected to leadership at my local church’s Youth Ministry. I was pretty excited at the announcement, it has always been my heart’s desire, to be of service to God in any and every way necessary. Someone once said that service to God is our wage for all of God’s faithfulness. Also, my fiancée Faith was elected a deacon to oversee 3 Districts/Cells in the Youth ministry. So, we are both humbled and roaring to seek & serve God in our new posts of service.

ION, around a week and a half to date, I was involved in a near-fatal bike accident. I am grateful to God that I am alive and even though I got pretty banged up, am on the high road to recovery. I got a head, teeth, back, toe and knee injuries that had me incapacitated for the better part of the week. During all this, I wondered often what the meaning of this was…and yes ( I know…), once in a while I shouted in frustration to God. Through it all I have learnt that God is sovreign, even though I may not understand everything that happens in my life, He is surely working all things together for good for me in my life. Also, through it all, I have learnt to trust in Jesus, I have learnt to trust in God.

Here are some of my favourites from Doris & Peter’s wedding that I covered sometime towards the end of July.

Doris’ beautiful gown hangs…

The rings on display

Doris getting her hair in place

LOL! Caption this!

The all made up Doris with a baby picture of herself…Spot the difference 🙂

The Bride & maids looking all ‘dolled’ up and colourful!

The elated Doris checks out of the range

The groom Peter, looking a bit nervous prior to Doris walking down the isle

The backdrop was pretty awesome

Now, you may Kiss the bride….Yeiiiiyyyyy!!!

Tickling moment right there 🙂

Who will be doing the dishes ? LOL!

There was so much sincere joy going round


The recession is always a great time to capture awesome moments of joy

The pool reflection was pretty awesome even the scorching mid-day sun was no hindrance

Some of my favourites from the portrait session…


Was quite random, but the guys really swagged out that Merc

Some serious getting down at the reception

Blessed band had the whole crowd on their feet for over an hour!


That’s all from Doris & Peter, quite a joyous and happy wedding day. Faith & I wish them all the best that life has to offer, and truly that they would live Happily ever after.

Be Blessed bloggers, thanks as always for taking the time to visit the blog. Kindly comment and share