About Me


Welcome to the story of my life…it’s a roller-coaster, so get your seat belt on & welcome to life through a wedding photographer’s eyes…Our wedding (Gathoni & I) was the best day of our lives as we made a promise of love & commitment to each other before our family and friends. Since then I decided to make it my passion to tell amazing love stories .I am an International & destination wedding photographer based in Kenya.

I have photographed many weddings & I am conditioned to anticipate moments & emotions and freeze them.

I am passionate about my faith as I am an ambassador & Disciple of Christ, our marriage & making the best out of my lives. I am blessed to have this talent & I want to share it with the world.We are collectors of memories, keepers of time & followers of dreams & we capture them with every click of our shutter.

This is my life, my story…all the in-betweens & my journey to joining the league of the World’s most sought after wedding photographers….

Here is a snippet of how our wedding was a few years back