A Prayer For My Wife

Dear Lord,

Show me how to be a better husband. The man you created me to be to my wife. The man she fell in love with, dated and finally married

Many times, I feel that I have lost the love of my wife. We are so often stressed and tired by daily life. We struggle to find the energy to care for each other. Sometimes, I see the sadness in her eyes, hear the sorrow in her voice. Other times, I have woken up in the middle of the night to her silent tears. Help me O Lord!

Help us to find the excitement and chemistry of our love again. Help us to connect afresh and communicate better. Help me to listen not only to what she says, but also what she is trying to tell me. Let me listen to heart. Inspire me to be the first to initiate. Inspire my thoughts to surprise her with attention, and those little gifts I promise her everyday. Show me how to woo her once more, sweep her off her feet everyday.

I give her the hurt I feel inside sometimes. My frustrations at work struggling to provide for her a better life than the one I had growing up. I ask for forgiveness for the times my words or actions hurt her. Sometimes, I shout at her and other times my words are so cold towards her. With you we can always find new beginnings. With you we can remember the good times and renew our love together.

You know us both as individuals and as a couple. You are journeying with us in our marriage. Help us to enjoy the blessing of our marriage. To take long evening walks together hand in hand. Laughing together at our own boring silly jokes. Dancing and chasing each other like two baby gazelles.

Lead us to find new adventures to share together, travel the world together. Remind us both of our first pure love for each other. Help me to be the first to forgive, To love her like you loved the church.

Watch over my beloved wife, keep her safe. Sing songs of love to her soul. Renew her with health and strength. Hold her steady, inspire her mind with hope. Guide her footsteps, bless her day with happiness and laughter.

Allow me always see the beauty in her, keep my attraction for her only even as we grow old & grey together. That she may fall in love with me again and again. Always and forever. AMEN

Sincerely Yours,